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The Laramie Project | Wollongong Workshop Theatre

If you are looking for powerfully raw performances that stir emotion and provoke conversation, then do yourself a favour and go see The Laramie Project this October.

Written by Moises Kaufman (The Tectonic Theatre Group) and Directed by Gabi Harding (Wollongong Workshop Theatre), The Laramie Project is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride.

In a moving and touching performance you will gasp at the brutality in which an innocent young life was taken, but this is not where the story ends.

Told in a documentary style format, you will delve into the thoughts and feelings of a small town rocked by a horrific and senseless loss. You will feel the emotions seeping through.

It confronts the realities of violence and hate in a way that is intense, even infuriating, but extremely worthwhile.

As relevant now as it was in 1988, The Laramie Project is a complex and intelligent piece of work.

From the premature loss of an innocent life through to the aftermath of this tragic event, The Laramie Project is one you won’t easily forget.

It is a true story. These are the words of real people.

What is The Laramie Project

In October 1998, Matthew Shepard, a 21 year old University of Wyoming student, was found tied to a fence on the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming.

Matthew was severely beaten, robbed, tortured and left alone, to be discovered 18 hours later. He died five days afterwards. The reason for this brutal crime? Matthew Shepard was gay.

Five weeks after this horrific event, Moises Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theatre Company travelled to Laramie Wyoming.

Over the course of the next year they conducted over 200 interviews with people of the town.

These Interviews, as well as journal entries and other found texts, form the basis of The Laramie Project.

Director Gabi Harding

After the tragic events of Orlando, this play became very real and something that needed to be done’ Director Gabi Harding said. ‘It’s sad to see that the very discussions that were being had in the events after Matthew’s death are recurring almost 20 years later.’

The play itself involves 11 cast members playing approximately 5- 6 characters each, embodying mannerisms and speech for each character transition.

The cast are fantastic. They have worked so hard in making the play and the people as real as possible. We have worked collaboratively in researching the event and the people involved to do the play justice.’ Harding said.

One of the trickier aspects of the play, is having to deal with some of the more confronting themes, scenes and viewpoints expressed in the play.

Being a verbatim piece, the cast and crew needed to understand that everything said in the play has been said by actual people caught up in the aftermath of Matthew’s death.

It has definitely been one of the trickiest parts of working on this show; separating what the actor believes and the person they are portraying. It’s important to remember that these aren’t characters, but instead actual people.

It’s been challenging for everyone to almost go back in time and put themselves into small town America with those small town ideals and thoughts’.  Harding explained.

Wollongong Workshop Theatre is proud to present The Laramie Project, and have especially selected the dates of performance to coincide with when Matthew was found, (October 7th 1998) and the date he passed away. (October 12th 1998).

Show Times

Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm.
Sunday at 4pm.


$25 Adult | $20 concession
$5 from each ticket will be going to a LGBT charity.



Wollongong Workshop Theatre
Gipps Road, Gwynneville



Wollongong Fringe Festival

So you think you know Wollongong? All sand, beaches and stunning mountains right? Well hold on to your hats people because your minds are about to be officially blown by the inaugural Wollongong Fringe Festival!

Proudly presented by Yours & Owls and Destination Wollongong, the Wollongong Fringe Festival celebrates the hive of dynamic creative talents in the region and showcases to the Nation that Wollongong is where it’s at.

Over 9 sensational days (23 September to 2 October) the Wollongong Fringe Festival will cast a huge spot light on the Gong.

The Opening Night Party at the Arts Precinct will kick off the festival, followed by nightly cult classics at the Outdoor Cinema, a 90’s night complete with Cheese TV’s Ryan and Jade, a smorgasbord of live music performances, art and theatre plus a visit from your favourite hip scientist Dr Karl and so much more.

Festivities will end with a BANG at the biggest party Wollongong has ever seen, the Yours & Owls Festival or the Mini Festival if your under 18.

Sound big? Think HUGE Wollongong. There just isn’t enough room to mention all the great events taking place as part of the Wollongong Fringe Festival.

Pop on over to where you will find all of the  event info and ticket information.

In the meantime, check out below what Ben Tillman, promoter of Yours and Owls and The Wollongong Fringe Festival had to say.

Yours & Owls Festival
1-2 October

Let’s Give it a Crack

At Yours & Owls, we’ve always been the kind of people who can’t sit still and do the same thing.

We had been selling shows for a while and we were doing festival stuff under the record label that i’ve got.

That was smaller than what Yours and Owls is now for sure, but it gave us the confidence to think it’s possible to do, let’s give it a crack.

The Venue: Stuart Park 

This is one of the main big parks in the area and I thought it would be pretty special to have a decent sized festival right on the beach.

I don’t think anywhere else has kind of got that. They might, but it feels pretty unique and pretty interesting to be able to walk two minutes from the beach and you’re at a music festival.

Local Bands

Yours & Owls have always put a lot of local bands on the line-up.

Playing at Yours & Owls will eventually progress the good bands through the ranks and they’ll get some bigger touring band supports and then they move up in the size of venue.

Locally, the Yours & Owls Festival is the point for them to be striving towards. It’s definitely something good for them to do in terms of their national profile.

They can say they have played a solid festival and leverage that against other shows or festivals to them on those bills too.

International Acts

The festival is more established now so we are definitely on people’s radars. In first year we had no internationals and the second year we had one or maybe two and then this year there are a fair few more.

There are people already hitting us up for next year which is cool.  Bands are planning tours around Yours & Owls because they know it’s going to be good.

Yours & Owls Mini-Festival, an event for under 18’s. 

The Yours & Owls Mini-Festival is about us wanting people to love music.

It’s a good way to get young people involved and gets them inspired to start bands of their own or start writing about music and being involved.

I think it’s a positive thing for young people to be into. When we were young there wasn’t really that option for us to go and see live shows. Really it’s about providing something where kids can actually experience it.

What’s New at Yours & Owls

This year we have two main stages. The site’s also going to be bigger.

There are a whole bunch of new art projects. One that I’m really interested in is called Moon Beach. It’s like this geodesic dome.

A couple of visual artist put together a thirty minute video and that will be projected onto the inside of the dome from floor to ceiling.

Three different producers have written a piece of music to that video. The idea behind it is sort of seeing how the music changes the way that you feel.

The video’s just going to be looping, it’ll be the same thing for each musical performance, but the music definitely will change the way that you perceive that video.

The Wollongong Fringe Festival 2016
23 September – 3 October

Vision for Wollongong

Our vision for Wollongong, not just during this period but in general, is that we become a creative city.

Wollongong will be an internationally recognized city for its wealth of creativity, just in the fact that there is stuff going on here all the time. We are not a major capital city but we are the capital for that sort of thing.

The people that are here are creating stuff and then making it an established and viable, for want of a better word, market. For all those touring they know they can come here and there is an audience of people who are interested and wanting to see that kind of thing.

I think the Yours & Owls Festival and the Wollongong Fringe is already a celebration of what’s going on but I think in the years to come it will really be that kind of trademark event that showcases everything we’re about.

The festivals put a lot of energy into this one week. It will definitely light up Wollongong.

Opening Night Party

The Opening Night Party is a taster of everything to come. It touches on all the different elements that the Fringe and the Yours & Owls festivals will have.

There’ll be lots of people and lots of different stuff going on. You will see Surf and Skate film premiers and we’ve got a half-pipe plus some bands and DJ’s playing.

It’s definitely pretty cool and it’ll be a good night.

Excited About

Scientist Dr Karl will be at the Arts Precinct on 30 September. His a local guy as well so it’s cool to have him here.

Dr Karl went to high school here and then Wollongong Uni so it’s really nice to have him on board.

Changing the Face of Wollongong

I feel like we’re in this transition period. Maybe a few years ago there was this really negative perception around Wollongong where it’s just this weird bogan sort of city where nothing really happens.

Then over the last four or five years, I think that’s slowly been changing. It’s at this point now where a few people in the know, are saying “Wollongong’s actually pretty cool”.

It’s about broadening the scope of people who actually recognize that and have tapped into that understanding.

Wollongong is a good place, it’s all here, we all know it. It’s just that perception is not fully out there in the mainstream yet.

I hope the Yours & Owls Festival and the Wollongong Fringe Festival will just be another step towards changing a few more peoples’ attitudes.

Wollongong Community Support

Everyone’s been really supportive and wanting to get behind the festival.

It’s great as it all come about pretty quickly. People have wanted to be a part of it by putting on their own events or just by supporting the festival.

After the Festivals

The best feeling is a couple of hours after everything is done. The events have gone well and you’re on a high really.

You have this couple of hours of reflection with people that have been involved with building the whole thing. You talk about it.

When you start hearing good feedback from punters, I think that’s probably the most enjoyable part of it.

Festival Details

The Wollongong Fringe Festival will run from 23 September – 3 October 2016.

The Yours & Owls Festival is on 1 -2 October 2016.

Dates for Your Diary

The Opening Night Party

Fri Sep 23 – ‘Opening Night Party’

Outdoor Cinema

Fri Sep 23 – Big Boys Club
Sat Sep 24 – Ex Machina
Sun Sep 25 – The Royal Tenembaums & The Life Aquatic
Mon Sep 26 – The Great Gatsby
Tue Sep 27 – Ghostbusters 1 & 2
Wed Sep 28 – Kill Bill 1 & 2


Sat Sep 24 – Verb Syndicate Block Party
Sat Sep 24 – Joseph Tawadros
Sat Sep 24 Moonbase Commander
Mon Sep 26 – Guantanamo Baywatch
Tue Sep 27 – Into it. Over it
Thu Sep 29 – Cheese TV
Fri Sep 30 – Sons of the East
Sat Oct 1 – Yours & Owls Mini Fest (under 18’s)
Sat/Sun Oct 1 – 2  Yours and Owls Festival

Art / Theatre

Fri Sep 23 – Polygon Door Installation
Fri Sep 23 – Polygon Door Workshop
Sat Sep 24 – Hand and Heart Shall Never Part
Sat Sep 24 – Die Roten Punkte – Super Musician By Otto & Astrid OOOO
Thu Sep 29 – Enough Said
Thu Sep 29 – 30 – Carnival of the Animals
Thu Sep 29 – Book Reading – Blue
Sat Oct 1 – Hand and Heart Shall
Sat Oct 1 – While Locality Falls Country Endures

+ The Un-Label-able

Sep 23 – Oct 2 – Virtual Reality Installation
Sep 23 – Oct 3 – Le Glanuer’ @ Arts Precinct
Fri Sep 23 – Kingpin, Super Harry Fun Crew & Mondo Deluxe Skate Demo’
Fri Sep 23 – Eat Street
Sat Sep 24 – Creative Coding
Sun Sep 25 – Bush Tucker Tour + Cooking Demonstration with Clarence Slockee & Fred
Mon Sep 26 – Moon Beach
Wed Sep 28 – Walk, Beer Eat Tour
Fri Sep 30 – Dr Karl
Sun Oct 2 – NRL Grand Final Streaming

For more event info and tickets visit


Phil Barlow and The Wolf return to Bombie Bar

Get ready to howl Wollongong!  Phil Barlow and The Wolf return to Bombie Bar bringing good vibes, riffs and grooves on Sunday, 18 September.

Touring their second studio album The Awakening, Phil Barlow and The Wolf will bring a raw live performance to  Bombie Bar and it’s bound to get wild.

Pouring his heart and soul into his lyrics, Phil Barlow unleashes a smorgasbord of gritty vocals and hooky rock riffs topped off with flavours of funk. Expect the potential for a bit of bra throwing (seriously!).

With comparisons to legendary greats The Doors and George Thoroughgood you are in for one hell of a howling good time.

Find out why Phil Barlow and The Wolf are becoming a howling success and we will see you at The Bombie Bar on Sunday, 18 September (note to self: take spare bra!).

You emerged as a solo acoustic musician in 2011 with the release of your EP, Shades of Grey. How did the journey of Phil Barlow and The Wolf journey come about?

I was living a very different life before my musical transition. I was a dolphin trainer and then worked in environmental project management for a bit, which certainly had some awesome moments!

Then I went through a separation from a long-term relationship and had a lot of unresolved emotional energy I needed to express somehow. That essentially sparked my journey as a songwriter which started out as solo, travelling Europe and just writing song after song, expressing raw emotion.

After playing around solo for a while, I was curious to keep expanding in music and put together a band for a few shows. This triggered something primative and untamed in me and I loved it! Over time this has strengthened and I have been lucky enough to join forces with some quality musicians who also have a passion to get wild and liberated on stage.

Our collective sound is ever-evolving. We love to keep an element of improvisation in our live shows to keep us and the crowd connected to powerful influence of the unknown.

For you, is there something about playing with a live band that cannot be duplicated when playing solo?

It’s kind of like a huge dose of testosterone is injected into my body – the full band definitely brings out the wild and untamed side in me!

You have a knack for creating diverse music that successfully mixes different genres. How would you define your style of music?

You’re right, there are a lot of different influences and flavours in my music. I find it hard to define it myself sometimes! Our latest album “The Awakening” has a good dose of rock, but there are definitely blues and funk undertones. A reviewer once said The Doors’ LA Woman meets George Thoroughgood’s Bad to the Bone. I like that!

What was the inspiration behind your new album The Awakening?

It was a product of personal transformation. I realised that my own thoughts and beliefs were limiting me. Acknowledging and overcoming my fears and distractions, like being lured by desire were important in realising my true life’s purpose and happiness.

What do you hope listeners will take away from the lyrics?

I hope that the words might help others like it did me. That people chasing their passion or working through challenges gain some insight and strength to transcend those limiting self beliefs and thought patterns so they can live the life they are destined to.

If you could sit down for dinner with one your all time favourite musicians (past or present), who would it be and why?

BB King. I just have a deep respect for the man. Touring 3 weeks on and 3 weeks off in his 80’s is just awesome! Music and life are interwoven for me and BB King lived this truth till the end. He had an open channel between his soul and his music and I aspire to live that truth as well.

Your music has previously been compared to that of music greats The Doors and George Thorogood. How does that feel when you hear such complimentary feedback?

I am humbled to be referenced to such legends. I love the free expression of Jim Morrison particularly, so that’s awesome to know that wildness is shining through the music that I am creating.

You will be playing live at The Bombie Bar on the NSW South Coast on Sunday, 18 September (where you have previously played together with local legend Rai Thistlewayte of Thirsty Merc).

This is quite a unique venue in our woods. How would you describe playing at The Bombie Bar?

It brings to the surface the free spirit and untamed nature with the ocean kissing your ears in between the music. What more could you want really? Can’t wait!

What can we expect at your Bombie Bar gig?

Good vibes, riffs and grooves. Definitely some howling! Possibly bra-throwing but I can’t promise anything there haha. We love playing on the South Coast and The Bombie Bar is such a cool venue so we’re pumped…it’s bound to get wild.

Will we see you travelling around in the 1980 Toyota HiAce used in previous tours? It must have been a load of fun travelling around Australia in that.

The tour bus “Red Hot Rosie” is the latest love of my life! Haha, stay tuned on Facebook for upcoming intimate bus concerts for the dedicated fans.

Just for fun! If you were a box of cereal what would you be and why?

Coco Pops – just like a chocolate milkshake only cruuuuunchy.

Phil Barlow and the Wolf will play live at The Bombie Bar  (Coalcliff Surf Club) on Sunday, 18 September 2016.


Children Under 16 FREE

You won’t be able to stop the monster beats and punchy bass lines all up in your grill!

— Alt JournalVenue

Riff heavy, funk infused, electrifying songs that denied your body the ability to remain stationary. Intimate, intelligent lyrics delivered with poise and passion. By the end of the set, I was a full blow fan-boy.

— Moist PromotionsThe Bombie Bar


Father’s Day in Wollongong

So you want to show dad how much you love him and appreciate all he does?

Then check out what’s happening around the Gong this Father’s Day.

Handy tip: avoid disappointment and book ASAP! These events are always SUPER popular.

Lunch at Windjammers Restaurant
Where: Novotel Wollongong Northbeach

Indulge in a seafood buffet and spit roast on the terrace while taking in the breathtaking views of North Wollongong Beach.

Included is a 3 hour beverage package which includes sparkling, wine, beer and soft drinks plus there will be live music provided by Nathan Lymont, 2016 Voice contestant.

$75 per adult | $65 Accor Plus members |Children: 13-16yrs $30 | 5-12yrs $15 | 0-4 yrs FREE

Call Windjammers for bookings on 02 4224 3123

Lagoon Seafood Restaurant
Where: Stuart Park, Wollongong

It has long been said that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Spoil Dad this Father’s Day at the Lagoon!

$69PP for a deluxe three course lunch
$65PP for a deluxe three course dinner
$99PP  to share a seafood platter w/ breads and dessert
$35 per child under 12 (main & dessert)

Bookings essential! PH: 4226 1677.

Seacliff Restaurant
Where: 16 Cliff Rd, North Wollongong

If you want to be the favourite child this Father’s day why not treat your dad to a scrumptious meal at Seacliff Restaurant.

$69pp for a 3 course meal  – Breads, Entrée, Main & Dessert
$99pp to share a Seafood Platter – Includes Bread & Dessert
$35 per child under 12 (Main & Dessert)

To book a table call 4228 5410 or email

Pepe’s on the Beach
Where: 2-14 Cliff Rd, Wollongong

This year, Pepe’s will be putting on a Big Brekky for Dad so whether he rolls out of bed, or jumps out of the surf we’ll be waiting!

Father’s Day Brekky Special is available 8am – 11am only.
Bookings available:

BBQ on the deck from 1pm
$15 Jugs of James Squires from 12pm


Dad’s Day Out at City Beach
Where: Marine Drive, Wollongong

A chilled beachfront barbie for dads & families.

All you can eat buffet – including all the BBQ faves of prawns, steaks, cutlets, gourmet sausages PLUS an array of accompanying dishes –
It’s a Dad Day Feast! Boardies & flip flops welcome.

Adults: $75.00pp*
Under16: $29.50
Kids under 4 free
*Includes beer, wine& soft drink


The Farm’s Market
Where: Killalea State Park

With over 90 stalls stocked with the latest fashions, a huge range of local producers, sweets, brewers, artisans, florists AND food…plus everything else in between!

Bring the family and make a day of it – with plenty of grass for the kids to play all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the live music and spectacular views.

Live Entertainment on the hill:
10am – Noon – Sandy Feet
Noon – 2pm – The Record Breakers

Market closes 3pm

** NO DOGS due to State Park Rules **

Dads Go Free at Illawarra Treetop Adventures
Where: Knights Hill Rd, Robertson

Show Dad how much you love him by taking him out for an amazing day this Father’s Day weekend.! Simply download the voucher  for Dad to go FREE, when accompanied by a full-paying customer.

Full details at

The Meatery – The Ultimate Meat Feast
Where: Marine Drive, Wollongong

This Fathers Day treat Dad to the Ultimate Meat Feast Buffet!

Our all you can eat buffet includes juicy tender pork, beef, chicken ribs and other meaty fave’s, heaps of salads and sides like garlic bread, steak fries and if that’s not enough, an all you can eat dessert buffet.

Each Dad will also receive a FREE stein of draught beer.

Adults – $49.50pp
Children (4-10) – $10
Kids under 4 – Free

There is also an all you can eat breakfast buffet from 8am – 11am.

Adults – $29.50pp
Children (4-10) – $10
Kids under 4 – Free

Bookings essential, call (02) 4229 6895



Wollongong Comedy Celebrates 10 Years

That’s right folks, we’re talking about the best medicine in the world – laughter!

Laughter is your ‘happy hormones‘ best friend.  It’s that natural injection of endorphins that gives us that positive outlook.  You feel better, you look better and darn it, you’re having a really good time.

It’s the no. 1 contagious activity in the word . Whether you break into a full belly rumble (note: great for your abs!)  or look like your convulsing with a smile on your face, we all end up feeling the same way after a good laugh. Everything sparkles and life feels good.

There is so much to love about laughter and the  guys at Wollongong Comedy have been injecting the happy hormones into Wollongong at The Builders Club for an amazing 10 years.

Who is behind Wollongong Comedy?

Co-owners and partners in life and comedy Shane and Stu have 2 gorgeous children. Stu works a FT job on the side and Shane runs the business, teaches Ethics at school and is about to head over to Indonesia in October to rebuild houses for those in need.

In the last 12 months Shane and Stu have added another 2 rooms to their comedy empire. A monthly pro room at Little Joe’s in Dapto and the Illawarra’s first Open Mic Comedy room at Jane’s in Wollongong.

All this working towards creating and growing the comedy culture in the Gong. Let’s see what Stu (resident MC) and Shane (marketing power house and that gorgeous lady that greets you on arrival) have to say about the art of comedy and where it’s heading around Wollongong.

Tell me how comedy started for you?

Shane:    I met Stu.. Need I saw more… teeheehee

Stu:  I entered RAW Comedy in 2003 pretty much on a whim but have had thoughts of doing it since High School.  Gradually worked my way into the open mic scene in Sydney.

How did the idea for Wollongong Comedy come along?

Stu & Shane:  Marty Henchion started a comedy room called The Craichouse at The Builders Club in 2006.  Stu was a regular performer there.  Marty went overseas in 2008 and we looked after the room for him.  Upon his return, we worked the room together with Marty and his wife Alice.  In approximately 2010 the name Wollongong Comedy was introduced.  In 2012 Marty and Alice left to pursue other ventures and we took over the room.

What changes have you seen in the Wollongong comedy landscape in the past 10 years?

Shane:  More people are aware that you have a place to come and see great stand up comedy on a regular basis.  And now which has been very exciting is the growing number of local comics who are regularly attending open mic nights, running their own open mic rooms, winning RAW heats, working together and giving each other shit.

Stu: Certainly for me it’s the growing comedy scene over the last year.  Lots of local comics, new rooms and a great, supportive community of comedians.

What would be the three top ingredients for a stand-out comedy show?

Shane: Well written material, charisma, and a great audience

Stu: A great room with atmosphere, a great line-up of comedians, and a nice big crowd that’s ready to laugh.

Your most memorable moment in comedy?

Shane:  The day we thought we lost a comedian (name and details require many wines to spill the beans)  and being very humbled to have some of my favourite comics come and perform in my backyard to help out with a fundraiser.

Stu: Spending a month living in Melbourne doing a solo show and running a comedy room at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

What process do you use to develop your stand-up comedy material?

Shane:   As yet I have not put myself out there in the comedy world but the day has been booked.  Our open mic night Thurs 2 March 2017 will be an all ladies line up to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Stu: Ideas come to me, usually at the most inconvenient moment.  I write them down and then try to work them through in my head when I get a moment.  If I think I can make something out of it I settle on the wording and try it out at an open mic show.

Are there any stand-up comedy writing groups in town?

Shane:  No regular groups at the moment but we are working with the Wollongong Writers Festival this year and we are putting on a workshop ‘How to Write the Funny Stuff’ in November this year.   

Hopefully the beginning of many workshops to come.

Stu: What she said.

Best gig you ever performed?

Stu: Supporting Tom Ballard, I tried quite a lot of new material and it all worked.  The crowd loved it.

Biggest inspiration?

Stu: Doug Stanhope is a comedian whose style is what I’d love to be.

Worst nightmare?

Shane:  Headliner not turning up to a show

Stu: Pretty much all my material bombing in a show.  It’s happened before.  And of course the headliner not turning up is an absolute nightmare.

If you were a box of cereal what would you be and why?

Stu: Fruit Loops because I’m bad for you.

The best thing about my job is….

Shane:  Creating and being part of something special. Being a part of the comedy scene in the Gong.

Stu: hearing a crowd laugh loudly when a night works perfectly.

What are you working on right now?

Shane:  This interview……    or  ………  Our 10th Anniversary Show, our new Dapto room, Fringe event for Your&Owls festival, a Dalek Costume for book week

Stu: I have a Sydney Fringe Comedy show (called 4 Hours in a Float Tank) coming up next week.  I’m working hard to make that show as good as it can be.

Where would you like to see Wollongong Comedy in the next 10 years?

Shane:  Great Rooms, Great Scene, Great Workshops, Good Vibes

Stu: A few successful rooms.  Some regular regional tours.  Being able to pay Shane the wage she deserves for the work she puts in.

Why should someone go and see a comedy show?

Shane:  Guaranteed Laughter. And Laughter is the best Medicine.

Stu: Get out of the house.  See live entertainment.  Let people entertain you in person with something they created with their heart and brain.  Be surprised.  Watch people take a risk that sometimes will work and sometimes won’t.  Live life.

How important is it to you to support local comedians?

Shane:  The more we can support our local comics and local comic venues the more the talent grows, the less you have to travel to go for a laugh and it’s great to have the diversity in options of things to do out for an evening.

Stu: Personally I like to pass on any knowledge I’ve picked up along the way.  There’s some lovely young and new comics comic along and I like helping them.  From a business perspective, it’s also nice to have more comedians who live locally to be able to hire for local gigs.

Your final words…

We are celebrating this Saturday, 27 August with an all local comic line up. Marty Henchion as Headliner, Stu Macpherson as MC with some of our best and regular open micer’s.

Come and join the laughs at Illawarra’s longest running stand up comedy room.

Tickets: Presale $15 / $20 door
Doors open 8pm / Show 8.30pm
10% off at the delicious bistro Platform61 for prebooked

Visit or and keep up to date with all upcoming shows.

Wollongong Comedy image