Bill Moran Texan Performance Poetry Masterclass

Learn ‘the art of becoming’ through your poetry as you wrestle the world and the self with Bill Moran! Bill was a finalist in the 2011 Texas Grand Slam Poetry Festival and was the Austin Poetry Slam Champion in 2012 and 2013, and was also the winner of the Salt Lake City show Literary Death Match. He has had numerous poems published in print, and has even taught courses at Louisiana State University. Be very excited for you will be in expert hands in this workshop!

“My workshop imagines the poem not only as a fixed object or artefact of the self, but as a space of becoming,” says Bill about the art of poetry. This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to advance your knowledge and ability in writing poetry while learning about your ever-changing space in the writing world.

This workshop will practice both open and closed forms with emphasis on contemporary techniques, and a critical discussion of theory, process, and editing, for the formal elements and mechanics of performance poetry. In workshopping with Bill, you will work through the function of poetry as an art form in relation to its creator, debunk received myths about content and form, and produce a piece of art that is performative and transformative.

Bill’s purpose with this workshop is: “If the page is a hallway, we will walk through it in the poem, and consider how the poet and poet’s world and audience are changed at the other end.” If you are a budding writer or even consider yourself to already be a master poet, this workshop will be of a benefit to everyone and their poetry, so it is not to be missed!

Please contact the SCWC for more information or to book a seat at the workshop at or by calling 4228 0151.