Pop-Up & Swap-Up

“It’s a one-stop swap & shop” at HYPE Performance Studios on 25th June from 10am-2pm.

-Clothing Swap: men, women’s, children’s- all ages/sizes welcome
-Pop-Up Shop: New clothing, accessories, brick-a-brack, baby items, toys, dance costumes (new & preloved)
-Food (sausage sizzle and snack-food fundraising table)
-Giving Tree (random gifts of love from us to you:)

CommUnity Clothing Collective, Pop-Up Co-Op and Hype Studios are hosting a community clothing swap. The above collective will also host, at this event a new-resale and boutique shop. There will be swappable opportunities in addition to an up-scale op-shop style store.

The Swap will accept men’s, women’s and children’s garments & clothing related items; including: shoes, hats, scarves, jewellery, belts, braces, purses, bags, etc. IF YOU CAN WEAR IT- YOU CAN SWAP IT! (All items MUST be in good condition i.e.: Nothing damaged, stained, beyond repair or wear). How it Works- YOU decide how you wish to be involved (there are 3 options):

Option 1: Pre-Drop SwapStar

1) Pre-Drop up to 40 SWAP Items on one of these available time-slots: Mon-Fri (19-21th June 4-6pm) OR Sat (24 June 10am-2pm) @ Hype Performance Studios-4  Sunset Ave, Barrack Heights

2) Choose if you wish to contribute up to 10 NEW (un-opened, with tags or un-used) items to the SHOP. If you contribute shop items; you will tell us how much you would like for your items, we will price them and allocate you item #s. At the end of the event- 10% of your sales go towards the event fundraising and you receive the remainder of your sales along with any of your un-sold items.

3) Choose how you wish to contribute as a volunteer:
a) Give 2hrs of volunteer time on the day for set-up, sorting (hint: you get first dibs on swap items), snack-food table, sausage sizzle table or entry table positions are available (only 6 positions available- first in best dressed:) lol
b) Give 1 item to contribute to the snack-food fundraising table (once the volunteer time positions have been filled; this will be the only contribution option.)

WHAT YOU RECEIVE as a “pre-drop SwapStar”

1) Free Entry
2) The ability to swap more than any other participant (up to 40 items!)
3) The ability to sell up to 10 items at the shop (you could walk away with some $!)
4) The good feeling knowing you have helped the community fundraise for good causes via giving your energy through either time or food contributions. Along with helping additional community support programs that this swap will assist with our end-of-event donations. *Receive 1 free item off the giving tree in the SHOP

Option #2: On-the Day Swapper/Shopper

1) $10 entry = Swap up to 20 items (Bring up to 20 items and walk away with 20 swap-up items to ignite your wardrobe:)  *Receive 1 free item off the giving tree in the SHOP

2) $5 entry = Swap up to 10 items *Receive 1 free item off the giving tree in the SHOP OPTION #3: On-the-Day Shopper

Option #3: On-the-Day Shopper

1) $10 entry= Choose 10 items to take home from the swap *Receive 1 free item off the giving tree in SHOP

2) $5 entry= Choose 5 items to take home from the swap *Receive 1 free item off the giving tree in the SHOP.

What are we fundraising for?

-Hype’s end of year concert and costs to support their students’ participation. (Dec 2017) [$5000/annum]
-CommUnity Clothing Collectives next event: Up-Cycle with Tye-Dye (Aug/Sept 2017) [$200/event]
-PopUp CoOp’s next event: Dancing in the Dark @ Hype Studios (July/Aug 2017) [$100/event]

ALL Remaining SWAP items at event end will be donated to:
-Homeless Hub: Wollongong
-Flying Pig OpShop- Corrimal
-Dapto Anglican Church Op-Shop: Kanahooka
-Warilla Salvos Store
-SCR Donations: Shellharbour
-Lily Bliss to You- Fijian Women’s Cancer Project (bras and breast prosthesis)

——————————————————————————————Option #1 (Pre-Drop SwapStars)
***Please email: activeart@yahoo.com
1) Date you will be pre-dropping
2) if you intend on selling any items at the shop
3) if you’re giving either 2 hrs volunteer-time or food.

Visit Pop-Up & Swap-Up Event on Facebook.

Thank you all for your support!:)