AB Computer Training

Do you have a computer at home but don’t really know how to use it? Did you wish you undertood how to write documents or create spreadsheets? Maybe you want to find out how to get the best use out of the internet?

AB Computer Training exists to help you with all that and more. Through a series of one-to-one sessions in the comfort of your own home we will help you achieve your goals.

Our courses and lessons cover:

  • Basic Computer Skills: using a mouse and keyboard, using Windows or Mac-OS, finding and organising files.

  • Internet Usage: searching for information, buying things online, keeping your family and your computer safe.

  • E-mail and Messenger Services: communicate with friends and family quickly and easily.

  • Microsoft Office Packages: write documents or letters in Word, create spreadsheets in Excel and create posters and presentations in Powerpoint.

  • Media: manage and edit music, photos and video.

And much more!

However we are driven by the requirements of you, our customers. If there is something you’d like to know about with regard to effective use of your home computer, then please contact us to find out how we can help you.

When you contact us we will take some relevant details and then arrange a free consultation, lasting between thirty minutes and an hour. For this we will come to your home, have a look at your system, allow you to discuss your goals, then offer suggestions as to how we can help you achieve them. At this time you will book up your first sessions.

In order to provide the best possible service we run our sessions in one-hour blocks, each covering a particular aspect of your requirements. This time will be divided between teaching you the skills you require and allowing you to practice them in an environment where someone is available to help and guide you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; that’s what we are there for.

We will provide guides for each session which will enable you to try out what you have learned between lessons.

After your sessions we will provide telephone or e-mail support for a period of time until you become comfortable and confident with your new skills.