Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance

About Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance

Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance offers belly dance classes, Arabic Drumming and Zumba Fitness for all ages, all fitness levels, and all shapes and sizes.

Virginia’s teaching philosophy is based on the notion that dance is a community endeavour as well as a personal journey. At Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance we are strongly committed to providing quality instruction in a supportive, fun, and encouraging environment. Whether you are just starting your belly dance journey, or whether you’ve been dancing for a while you will find our classes unique, fun and informative.

About Virginia

Virginia is the director and principal of Cinnamon Twist School of Belly Dance, Wollongong’s largest centre for the study of traditional Middle Eastern dance and contemporary belly dance. Virginia has a lifelong interest in dance but when she saw an amateur group of belly dancers in early 1997 she was immediately drawn to the earthy grace and mesmerising sensuality of the dance. She began taking belly dance classes right away and began performing professionally two years later. Virginia continues to study, teach and learn the art of belly dance in all it’s forms both nationally and internationally. Some of Virginia’s instructors include: Jrisi Jusakos (Sydney), Belyssa Radzivanas (Perth), Amera Eid (Sydney), Terezka Drnzik (Sydney), Elizabeth Strong (San Francisco), Morocco (New York), Dina (Egypt), Artemis Mourat (Maryland, US), Amel Tafsout (UK), just to name a few.

At the end of 2004 Virginia opened Cinnamon Twist School of Belly Dance. Cinnamon Twist continues to be dedicated to the public presentation and preservation of the folk dance and contemporary dance culture of the Middle East. Virginia is available on request for lectures, seminars, and/or belly dance demonstrations.
Virginia’s Research


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Conference Papers Presented

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About Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance Troupe

Cinnamon Twist Belly Dance Troupe represents an active and vital part of local community events and cultural festivals in the Illawarra such as Thirroul Seaside Festival, Corrimal Spring Fair, The Illawarra Folk Festival, and KidsFest Shellharbour just to name a few. The troupe comprises of women of varying ages, backgrounds, and experiences – women who share a love and dedication for the art of Middle Eastern dance. Cinnamon Twist Belly Dancers are available for hire at your next function.

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