Crown Street Mall

Wollongong City Centre Ltd resources, prioritises, provides crime prevention services and markets and promotes the Crown St Mall & Wollongong City Centre as the destination for shopping, business and leisure. Property owners in a specified area pay the Mall Local Rate and/or City Centre Special Levy to Council through the rates system – and Council then forwards these rates the business or property owners are charged to Wollongong City Centre Ltd to provide specialised services.

The company has a clear vision and mission that it aims to deliver through leadership, strategic marketing activity, enhanced security programs and quality corporate governance. We have embraced values that are upheld through the day to day operations and dealings with stakeholders and staff.

A Top Class Board

The Board of Directors of Wollongong City Centre Ltd are leading professionals, highly regarded in their chosen fields in business, the community and industry and who are committed to the future of the Wollongong City Centre and Crown St Mall.

Professional Management

Management have the pleasure of working with stakeholders and corporate partners. We will continue to take the lead in positioning and marketing Wollongong City Centre & Crown St Mall, assisting to maintain sustainable economic growth. Wollongong City Centre Ltd, which commenced this advisory role to the management team and Council since 1986.

The Management team have developed many initiatives over the years – the first full IP street CCTV system in Australia through the successful bid for a $500,000 Australian Government Grant, the well received strategies including the successful ‘See You in the City’ campaign, the ‘Crown St Mall Ambassador’ program, the graffiti removal program in the city centre – and the list goes on!

Outstanding Results

The Board and Management team are justifiably proud of the achievements reached in positioning the City Centre and Crown St Mall. Our strategies are focused, targeted, well-researched and relevant to our partners and our continued goal is to be a strong, commercially focused brand advocate, underpinned by an innovative, talented and passionate team. As a results-driven organisation we are constantly striving for success.

‘Best Practice’ in Australia

In 2009, the company undertook an exhaustive independent review to ‘test’ the organisation. The great news is that the review noted the organisation is considered ‘best practice’ in Australia. As a city centre focused organisation of excellence there is no doubt that we will continue to deliver outstanding services and be valued by our stakeholders and we look forward to working with our partners throughout the coming years.