Family Italia

Welcome to familyITALIA – this is the place to come for everything Italian! Our mission is to share our love of Italian culture – from the language to the food, and everything in between!

We believe that young people are the future. They are the ones that will carry the traditions, attitudes, language & lifestyle to future generations. familyITALIA understands that Italian culture is something that is enjoyed by many people around the world, and that is why we are so passionate about preserving its rich culture. Italians come together around food and celebrate family time. We embrace this philosophy in everything we do.
Our vision for the future is to create a global familyITALIA. We welcome EVERYONE that takes an interest in something Italian, whether it be the language, food, soccer, Ferrari, Ducati, art, history, fashion. Wonderful things come from Italy so let’s come together and share the Italian love.

Check out Buongiorno Illawarra to see what activities we have going on in the Gong.

The founders of our group are Katrina, Giulia & Andrea. We came to together by what now feels like chance. Giulia & Andrea are native Italians from Forlimpopoli in the region of Emila Romagna. Katrina’s grandparents immigrated to Wollongong, Australia (with many other Italians in the 1950s) to take up work at Port Kembla Steel Works.

Considering Katrina’s Italian heritage and plans to live in Italy in the future, she started looking for a children’s Italian playgroup for her two young children to attend. Given the amount of Italians in the region, it was very surprising to find that there was nothing at all happening. Six months later, when all seemed lost, Giulia & Andrea arrived on her doorstep looking for somewhere to stay while they worked out what they were going to do for their working holiday in Australia. Giulia & Andrea are friendly, warm and have a natural affinity with children, and when Katrina’s children warmed to them instantly, that was it. The ground was laid. Katrina asked them if they would be interested in running a playgroup in Italian. They said yes, they would love too. Arcobaleno Italian Playgroup was born, and we now know, it was just the beginning. We are energized, passionate and absolutely loving this adventure. We have big plans for familyITALIA. Welcome to our community, we look forward to connecting with you.

Katrina, Giulia & Andrea