Fun-Damentals – Sport and Movement Skills

Fun-damentals provide affordable pastoral care, focusing on developing fundamental movement skills to primary school children. Fun-Damentals – Sport and Movement Skills offers school holiday programs during normal school hours each day to accommodate for working families. Furthermore the business provides weekend clinics throughout the term on Saturday mornings from 9am to 11am.

Fun-damentals also provide School Holiday Sports clinics as a healthy alternative to day care, providing a range of different sports and activities focusing on Fundamental Movement Skills. We give parents and children a wide variety of lifelong skills that they can adapt to any sport the participate in.

Holiday Clinics

Holiday clinics operate during normal school holidays. In the morning session children will develop fundamental movement skills through skill sessions and small sided games. After lunch children have the opportunity to explore their creativity and create their own drills and games with help of our trained staff. Students will then be involved in mini tournaments focusing on numerous sports.
Sports include but are not limited to Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, Oz Tag, Touch Football, AFL, Soccer, Softball.

Weekend Multi Sports

At weekend clinics, children have the chance to try a new sport every two weeks. Sessions will run for two hours, the first hour skills and the second hour games. If your child is interested in a particular sport we have links to many junior organisations.