Illawarra Rhododendron Gardens

In 1968 the search for a suitable site revealed a quiet valley, 229-274 metres above sea level at Mt. Pleasant under the north eastern summit of Mt. Keira. This land was owned by Australian Iron and Steel and then General Manager Mr A.A Parrish backed the scheme and a (peppercorn) lease over 6 hectares (14 acres) was granted to a Society set up to develop and manage the gardens.

The Illawarra Rhododendron Gardens are located at Mt Pleasant under the north eastern summit of Mt Keira and cover an area of 13 hectares.

The garden contains thousands of azaleas and hundreds of rhododendrons in company with many rare companion plants including camellias. A section of rich rainforest is featured in the top section with walking trails.
A perfect wedding location with private access costing on $150 for the day!