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Kids Photography

Modo Bella is the work of quirky childhood photographer Leanda Parker-Sleeman. She works in the best natural light studio in the world – the great outdoors – where she has been known to drag a vinatge lounge by herself into a field, pack a tinnie full of tutu’s and set off across sparkling waters to a fab location, and run a muck through an old farmhouse in ruins on a mad fairy hunt!

The sessions are very relaxed and focus on the kids comfort levels whilst being very interactive with plenty of giggles and fun. Generally speaking there is very little ‘posing’, instead Modo Bella prefers to focus on the expressions and actions which come naturally to your child as it results in gorgeous images that really reflect your child’s personality. It is important at Modo Bella Photography that childhood is celebrated in all it’s magic, wonder and whimsy. Wriggly teeth (or no teeth!), freckles, mischeif, broken arms, grubby knees, playing make believe and big grins and belly laughs (even no smiles) are seen as special and the trademarks of being a kid .

Contact Leanda directly to receive an obligation free information and pricing guide. Beautiful images of your children are an investment you will never regret.

Please be aware that sessions can book up months in advance, so it may be helpful to have a few dates in mind. xxx

All about the person behind the Camera

Hi! My name is Leanda Parker-Sleeman, I am the head photographer behind Modo Bella Photography. I have studied a B.A Photography at both Charles Sturt University and at the Queensland College of Fine Art (Griffith Unversity). Professionally, I have worked as a portrait photographer for over 6 years. My custom photography is non traditional ‘arty’ and ‘unique’… I photograph with a love, passion and sincerity which shines through in every image I take. My imagery is very relaxed and candid, I find that the best imagery is captured…rather then ‘created’. A little creative direction goes a long way and there is a time and a place, however on the whole, I tend to flit along the edges of what’s happening in front of the camera rather than bullying and demanding a shot from a situation. Of course, if your up for some creative posing (which can be lot’s of fun…) just let me know!

I adore natural light, and am at times awestruck by it’s beauty and its ability to reflect, absorb and simply ‘glow’. Within reason, I try to only use it in my work. I love how a moment so ordinary is turned into the incredible as my subject and the light come together in a spectacular unison, turning the everyday into time treasured and unforgettable …art. There is no better feeling then knowing with a delighted certainty, that I have pinned down a moment so achingly fleeting, that a blink of eye would have missed it.

I am quite simply a romantic at heart who loves and is inspired by old things, romantic things and dreamy, wistful, magical, fleeting things. I dream of pixies in my cupboards and fairies pulling the cat’s whiskers in my beloved garden…Currently I live in the gorgeous Southern Highland of NSW on a small farm with my husband (my heart) and my amazing little girl (my soul). I look forward to meeting with you, please don’t hesitate to call.