Sublime Sound Healing

Information on Classes in Bulli

What is Crystal Sound Therapy (CST)?

Crystal Sound Therapy is a powerful, therapeutic, energetic healing modality. Every living thing is made up of energy and in a constant state of vibration. The natural flow of energy will vibrate in harmony if the body’s vibrations are in tune. When our cells are challenged or altered due to negative influences in our lives, the resonant frequencies of cells can change and become unbalanced, often leading to a state of disease.

The chakras, organs, circulatory and nervous systems all vibrate at different resonant frequencies. The magic of the pure healing resonance of the ‘singing’ crystal bowls can transform the subtle energetic patterns, soothing and healing emotional wounds and restoring the cells to a balanced vibration. The body entrains with the ‘lighter’ vibrations of the bowls and it becomes easier for the body and subtle energy fields to move into balance, a state of relaxation and wellness.

What are the benefits?

There are many health benefits of sound healing – on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Many people have reported that they feel less anxious, less stressed and they can finally sleep well after suffering insomnia for years.

Releasing blocked energy from the chakras or energy centres can result in a profound sense of well-being. You will feel energized as your heart opens to inner peace and happiness.

The Group Healing Sessions

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the sounds of the ‘singing’ crystal bowls. A sound session is a combination of guided meditation and a sound healing experience.

The Facilitator

Barbara Jackson is an experienced, qualified teacher and has been involved in Reiki healing and meditation for 10 years. As a qualified Crystal Sound Therapist (Cert lV (CST), MA, B Ed.) she is now available in the Illawarra and Sydney to offer Crystal Sound Healing to groups and individuals.

I enjoyed the harmonic resonance inside me and all around. Now I feel warm, calm and peacefulThe experience was beautiful and unique

– Rose Ezold

During the session I felt aware and present most of the time, yet relaxed. Occasionally I drifted off. Now I feel clear, strong, relaxed and calm.

– Diane Power