Sugarat Abattoir

Keziah Sugarat is one of many creative artists born and raised in Wollongong. Whether it’s the fresh salty air or melting pot of cultural influences; Wollongong has and still does produce a high caliber of artistic talent.

“I treat photography as a painting and build things up through concepts and planning.”[Keziah Sugarat]

Keziah took to the creative arts quickly, holding her own exhibitions as young as 15. She studied Fine Arts (Photography and Painting Major), Make Up Artistry, Fashion Design, and Business. She worked with various artists across NSW and Melbourne. Years on, Keziah owns her own studio right here in Wollongong – “Sugarat Abattoir”. An interesting choice of words, ‘Abattoir’ aptly describes the way Keziah cuts and pastes different elements from her varied fields, to transform concepts into a real body of work. And ‘Sugarat’ – well, everyone needs a stage name!

Owned and Directed by Keziah Sugarat. Keziah has studied and worked in the industries of Fine Art, Photography, Make Up Artistry, and Fashion Design for over 15 years. Keziah has worked with numerous artists and muses from varied fields. Her photography reflects an extensive amount of studio and location experience. An artist at heart, Keziah blends professional knowledge with a creativity that is both profound and inspiringly unique.