University of Wollongong

Who are we?

Wollongong UniCentre is the social hub of the University of Wollongong. We offer entertainment and activities, food and retail, student involvement and much more. We offer a complement to academic life with our sole purpose of enhancing the student experience.
The UniCentre’s activities and facilities are instrumental in bringing the diverse University population together, to ensure that the years spent at University result in more than just a degree. Long-term friendships, useful skills and shared experiences will also be gained.
You can join a club or society, join in the fun of one of our many entertainment activities, register for a short course, join UniCrew and volunteer your time in developing skills. We also offer many facilities and spaces for groups to meet.

The UniCentre is a non-profit organisation receiving its income from our trading operations. The UniCentre uses these funds to build new facilities, provide services for the benefit and welfare of its members, and provide recreation, artistic, cultural and developmental events for the University and the wider community.

To be a dynamic, robust organisation which provides value adding products, programs and services to the University community.

Our mission is to create services, spaces and activities that enhance the university experience.

Our Values
We value excellence – we provide products and services which continually exceed our customers expectations.

We value integrity – we do what we say we will. We are open and honest with our colleagues and customers.

We value safety and our environment – we take care to create and maintain a safe work place and value the environment in which we work and live.

We value collaboration – we respect individual differences and work together to achieve UniCentre’s goals.

We value engagement – we create sustainable, valued partnerships with all our stakeholders.

We value continuous improvement – we always look for a better way.

We value flexibility – we respond to the ever changing campus community’s needs, wants and expectations in a timely manner