Wild Rumpus

Wild Rumpus is a skill-sharing social enterprise that aims to build a resourceful, sustainable and creative community.

  • We use the themes of Creativity // Sustainability // D.I.Y to:
  • Engage people in affordable, fun recreation and learning experiences like classes and events.
  • Provide a platform for local artists, practitioners, creators, designers and facilitators to develop their product or skill
  • Revitalise and renew spaces and places for creative adult learning, gathering events and community activity.

Wild Rumpus is passionate about supporting the home-made, handmade, creative, freelance skilled designers, artists, crafters, sustainability educators, cooks, food producers, gardeners, clothes designers, manufacturers, experts, performers, musicians, and speakers out there and provide fun and low risk ways for them to hone their presentation skills, package their skill-set for a class, trial their products at our Suitcase Market, and be part of an inspiring skill-sharing movement.


1) Curating seasonal series of fun, affordable classes on anything to do with creativity, sustainability and D.I.Y in the Wollongong area. We find talented, interesting people who have a skill to share and build a workshop around it for people to try out.

Classes vary from backyard chook keeping to wine tasting, dancing to power tools, printing to knitting, gardening to baking. For the same cost as going to the movies, or going out for dinner, you can learn something new in a fun place with interesting people. Classes run in all sorts of odd places. A café, a bar, a hall, a garden, a foodstore -anywhere in Wollongong. Most of the time there will be food. And drink. And sometimes a little bit of alcohol. All of the time there will be a smile to greet you.

“I felt so fantastic after going along to a Wild Rumpus class. It was truly great to learn something fun with other like-minded people rather than just watching something online. And it has totally whet my appetite to do more! I would definitely recommend classes to everyone!” Lisa, class participant

2) The Quarterly Suitcase Market which offers local designers, artists and crafters a low-risk entry level market opportunity.

The market is 3 hours in duration, indoors and does not require huge set-up logistics – just a suitcase! And perhaps some props. Sign up to our Newsletter for info on upcoming markets and stallholder applications.

3) Thrive Sessions: Make Your Craft Your Business

Masterclass workshop sessions for people who make, bake, create, craft, design, assemble, play, grow, cook and sew lovely things so they can become successful and viable sources of income.