The Roo Theatre Company proudly present 1984.

Directed and Adapted by Adam O’Brien, Based on the Novel by George Orwell.


Living in an environment of perpetual war, under strict and constant Government surveillance and public manipulation, are the main themes for Roo Theatre’s new production of 1984.

Based on the famous dystopian novel by George Orwell, this new production focuses on what it would feel like to be part of a society where everything is controlled.

We are introduced to Winston Smith who works for the Ministry of Truth, who is responsible for propaganda and historical revisionism. Winston, an outer party member, re-writes newspaper articles to always ensure that the party is seen in the best light. Overseeing this “new world” of Oceania is Big Brother; Big Brother is always watching and seems to have eyes and ears everywhere.

Winston is a diligent and skilful worker, however secretly hates Big Brother and dreams of rebellion. He begins his act of rebellion by starting a relationship with Julia, a young woman and another employee of the Ministry of Truth.

After discovering the truth about the party and Big Brother, Winston is subjected to many forms of torture, including being subjected to the horror chamber known only as Room 101. After being tortured by one of his biggest fears, Winston is forced to betray Julia.

Director Adam O’Brien being a fan of the book for many years, has faithfully adapted the book for the stage, concentrating on the idea that everything is constantly watched, and the ease at which some people believe and are devout to what they are being told, without question.

I am extremely honoured to have worked this close to the book, by adapting it for the stage. It has been one of my favourite books for such a long time, so it has been a pleasure to put the story on the stage for others to enjoy as much as I do” O’Brien said.

Adapting this story has presented many challenges in the staging and performance. We have utilised technology to assist the actors feel like they are actually living under the rule of Big Brother, and have included some aspects that will involve the audience, so that they also feel that sense of surveillance and oppression as that some of the characters do


1984 opens at Roo Theatre from the 13th to the 28th April, with matinees being performed on Saturday the 21st and 28th at 2pm and Sunday the 22nd at 2pm.


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Please note: This production features adult themes, violence and sexual references.