Breath Deeply & Count to Zen – Yoga & Meditation

Relax and unwind from your hectic week with a beautiful Yin Yoga and meditation class.

Connect with yourself during your practice on a deeper level and after the class connect with like-minded souls over a chai and healthy treat(s)

And if those reasons aren’t enough to entice you to come along here are another twenty reasons why you should attend this class

Physical health benefits of yoga and meditation
* Meditation literally grows your brain
* Increases blood flow to your brain
* Reduces cortisol production
* Reduces blood pressure and heart rate
* Increases neuroplasticity
* Increases the production of good neurotransmitters including serotonin and dopamine
* Triggers the parasympathetic nervous system.
* Boosts the immune system.
* Causes muscle relaxation
* Slows the ageing process.

Psychological benefits
* Reduces stress-related conditions such as anxiety and depression.
* Increases stress resilience.
* Increases positive emotions.
* Increases focus and present moment awareness.
* Increases emotional stability and intelligence.
* Increases your capacity to learn.
* Increases empathy and compassion.
* Increases a sense of connection to your self and others.
* Increases your sense of purpose and meaning.
* Improves sociability.

See you on the mat

Investment: $15
Time: 6.00pm – 7.30pm
Location: Dapto Ribbionwoon Centre