Chin Up, Stooge!

Jordan Shanks (friendlyjordies) is bringing his acclaimed motivational stand-up show to The Illawarra Performing Arts Centre.

After reading over 300 self-help books, Jordan has condensed the wisdom of hundreds of authors and thousands of years of research on personal development. He’s crammed it all into a one-hour show, with sides of paying out gotcha journalists and merchant bankers. So not nearly enough time to cover everything, but hey…it’s a start.

Friendlyjordies is a satirist comedian, live radio host and podcast creator. He has produced over 250 no-holds-barred videos for his YouTube channel with 250,000 followers. Jordan hopes he will foster some sort of interest in socio-political discourse, maybe even stir positive change, but most people keep asking him to dress up as a high school kid he once knew.

With his live show, Chin Up, Stooge!, Jordan is leaving the costumes at home, stepping up the hilarious pace…and looking forward to meeting y’all.