Chopper’s Republic of Anzakistan

Australia’s most wanted comedian is heading to town with his sell-out smash hit show from Melbourne and Sydney comedy festivals – Chopper’s Republic of Anzakistan.

Chopper’s on a mission. He’s told us how to harden up. He’s taken on Bunnings, Subway, craft beer, the Olympics, cat people, activated almonds – you name it!

And now he’s decided to take his message to the world with a new country, a country made up for and by the hard people, just like you and me.

After taking over the once great nations of Australia and New Zealand, rolling them into one and throwing out the shit bits, Chopper has created the world’s newest superpower – Anzakistan – and he’s just the bloke to run it.

He may not have much experience, but at least you know where he stands – right behind a moustache. Join the revolution! Viva la Moustache!

Harden up and buy tickets to our glorious leader, Chopper today!

Recommended for ages 16 years +

Audience Warning: Strong language