CIY.Club | Game Coding Camps & After School Coding Club


Code It Yourself Club is an After-School and Holiday Club where school aged kids can come together and learn to be creators of technology.

CIY.Club came into fruition from the growing amount of time that our young people spend on digital devices. Catering to school aged children of all experience levels, CIY.Club teaches kids the coding and mechanics behind the games that they play.

Working alongside their peers, participants will develop new skills as they work through our structured leveling system, earning achievements and continuing to level up. CIY.Club always has new achievements and challenges to strive for.


Science Centre & Planetarium

  • Game Coding Camp: 12 & 19 April from 9am – 3pm
  • CIY.Club Full day: 13 & 20 April from  9am – 3pm
  • To book your spot CLICK HERE

Albion Park Library

  •  Game Coding Camp: 11 & 18 April from 9am – 3pm
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Science Centre & Planetarium

  • CIY.Club 9 Week Session: Every Monday 3:30pm – 4:30pm or 4:45pm – 5:45pm starting 1 May.
  • To book your spot CLICK HERE

Warilla Library

  • CIY.Club 10 Week Session: Every Thursday 4pm – 5pm starting 27 April.
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Bulli High School

  •  CIY.Club 10 Week Session: Every Wednesday 4pm – 5pm, starting 26 April.


Learn the basics of computer coding and game creation. We teach you how to make your very first computer game, and in just one day you will be able to put together a few different games including graphics and basic coding to make it interactive. You can take your games home and continue to develop them. All 5 Game Coding Camps are for beginners but with different content, so you will make different games in each. You can choose to come to one or all five, it’s up to you!

CIY.CLUB (Code It Yourself Club)

Join the CIY.Club community and attend a Full Day Club session or join our After School Club. Our young Coders are embarking on a journey which will see them Learn, Train and Master skills for the future. Pathways start at the basics, from Game Coding and 3D design.

Their progression may open doors to more advanced challenges in these topics, as well as Website Creation, Robotics or App Design. Just like a karate club, coders will progress through a structured leveling system where they complete achievements to earn their next coloured armband.

The coders work at their own pace in the club so you can attend as many full day club’s as you wish. They can then continue their journey at our regular 1hr After School Coding Club’s.