Communal Working Bees at Bally’s Patch, Balgownie

Bally’s Patch is a community garden situated in the heart of Balgownie. Here you will find lot based vegetable beds and a communal food forest.

Communal Working bees
Communal working bees are held every six weeks on the following dates. Click here to join our mailing list to keep updated with start times and further details.

20 March
1 May
12 June
24 July
4 September
16 October
4 December

Bally’s Patch is located at Lot 21, Church St Balgownie. It is situated in an area of medium density housing, in close proximity to Balgownie Village,  an urban suburb of the Wollongong Local Government Area.

Twilight Working Bees

Ballys Patch hosts twilight working bees during daylight savings time in Summer. This is a wonderful opportunity to break up the working week, beat the summer heat and enjoy the bliss of a balmy summer evening with friends and neighbours, doing light work.

A focus of each working bee will be to maintain the compost heap – either turning or adding to the pile. Along with weeding, and at this time of year seedling and veggie maintenance. Come down, bring a picnic or some refreshments and enjoy the benefits of a twilight session at Ballys Patch community garden.

Twilight working bees:
Twilight working bees are held fortnightly on a Wednesday evening during daylight savings hours. Twilight working bees will begin again on Wednesday October 5, 2016.

Bally’s Patch Objectives

  • To design and create a community garden where simplicity, self-sufficiency and education are at the core.
  • To provide, without exclusivity, a chance to engage in, experiment with and promote practices that are economically and environmentally sustainable for generations to come.
  • To educate children as to where their food comes from (not the supermarket aisle or the cafe!) and allow them to engage in the benefits of helping things grow and develop.
  • To reduce green waste, pressure on landfill, and the food miles of the food we eat.
  • To encourage people to work together as a community to develop a practical relationship with and an understanding of our interdependence with the natural environment.
  • To build social cohesion through active, community use of our public open space.
  • To share knowledge, and enjoy gardening whilst producing local food!

Bally’s Patch Governance

Bally’s Patch operates under the auspice of the Balgownie Village Community Centre (BVCC). The community centre provide the public liability insurance for Bally’s Patch, and as such Bally’s Patch membership applications first require membership to the BVCC.

The Balgownie Village Community Centre is a charity based organisation which provides a space for the community of Balgownie to use and share for public purposes. The premises of 113 Balgownie Rd, Balgownie are provided by Wollongong City Council and are managed by a Management Committee. This committee consists of local people who volunteer their time and skills.

The Community Centre finds out what is needed by the local community and works with residents to meet those needs. The centre is an integral part of Balgownie Village and endeavours to offer events where the local residents can come together for many purposes.

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