Early Start Discovery Space | Spring School Holidays

Adventure at Early Start Discovery Space these school holidays from September 26 – October 8.

Save the day in a cape and mask or launch off into outer space to explore the stars during School Holidays in Adventure Month at the Discovery Space! Join us in Week 1 for Superhero capers and Week 2 for Space escapades.

Jam-packed with an array of awesome activities and workshops…  Harness your inner Jedi with light saber lessons, create your own intergalactic base, learn to draw like a comic book whiz, use your gymnastic superpowers to leap and tumble plus craft, stories and plenty more. Early Start Discovery Space offers an array of free and paid pre-booked workshops throughout the fortnight to engage and entertain adventurous young minds.

Check our program for the daily details. Where will your adventure take you?

PRE-BOOKED WORKSHOPS via earlystartdiscoveryspace.edu.au

Build a Playground: Moonbase & Rockets
It’s a long way to the moon, so grab our Makedo cardboard construction set to build your ultimate space fort. Need a rocket to get there? Build that too!

Cost: $5 member or $7 non-member // Ages: 5-10 // Limit of 12 per workshop

BOOK NOW  Tuesday 3 October, 10-11am

BOOK NOW  Thursday 5 October, 10-11am

Create a Comic Character 
Calling all illustrators! Come and design your very own superhero with professional illustrator Marcelo Baez. If you’ve ever wanted to draw comics or graphic novels, this one’s for you!

Cost: FREE* // Ages: 5-10 // Limit of 20 per workshop

BOOK NOW  Tuesday 26 September, 10-11.30

This workshop is FREE thanks to a generous donation from Lancaster Law & Mediation

Lightsaber Lessons
Join the Sons of Obi-Wan as they light up their sabers to teach you the ways of the Force! Learn how to swing your lightsaber while practicing mindfulness in this incredible, active, hands-on experience.

Cost: $14 member or $17 non-member // Ages: 5-10 // Limit of 10 per class

BOOK NOW Friday 6 October Session 1: 11am

BOOK NOW Friday 6 October Session 2: 11.30am

BOOK NOW Friday 6 October Session 3: 12pm

Super Gymnastics
Up, up and away! Begin your training to become a superhero with Wollongong City Gymnastics as they get your entire body up and moving.

Friday 29 September, Cost: $8 member or $12 non-member

BOOK NOW  Session 1: Ages 2 – 5 // Time: 10-11am

BOOK NOW  Session 2: Ages 6 -10 // Time: 11.30am – 1pm

No-Sew Super Capes
Ready to up your superhero game to the next level? Time to make your own cape! Upcycle unused clothes to create a perfect cape to bring out your inner hero – no sewing required!

Cost: $5 member or $7 non-member // Ages: 3-10 // Limit of 20 per class

BOOK NOW  Wednesday 27 September

BOOK NOW  Thursday 28 September


All ages welcome and all workshops are free of charge (with entry into the Space)


Books can take you anywhere, so join us in the Book Nook to explore the world, the people who live in it, and beyond in our scheduled adventurous story times!

CreARTivity! Craft

A hero is only as good as their tools! Make and do twice a day, every day at CreARTivity!

Artists in Residence
Every weekday morning of our Superhero Adventure! week will see an experienced illustrator in CreARTivity, helping our visitors to explore their creative side.

Blow Rockets
You’re not going to get far into space without a trusty rocket by your side! Design your dream space ship and practice launching it to see how far you can go!

Paper Capes & Masks 
Who is that mysterious masked hero…? It could be you! Grab a giant piece of butcher’s paper and decorate it to express your superhero alter ego! Learn about shape and size as you modify it to fit yourself perfectly.

Noodly Aliens
Create your own whacky alien friend with a range of unusual materials. Give him two legs, or five, or six, or seventeen as you imagine what alien life could look like!


Ice Cube Rescue 
A villain has been trapping people in cubes of ice! Find ways to melt, break, and remove the ice to get the people out.

In Space
Which is bigger – the sun or the moon? Why do we have days, seasons, and years? Explore the solar system to see just how massive the things in the sky really are, and then get up and move to experience how things spin through space! Lava Leap If you think you’ve got what it takes to save the day, this is the challenge for you! When the floor is lava, do what you can to jump from object to object and explore your body’s full range of motion in this challenging obstacle course.

Life on other planets could be completely different to life here on Earth… but Earth life can be pretty weird, too! Take up a microscope and magnifying glass to explore some of the bizarre, tiny life forms that populate our little blue planet.

Rocks, Fossils, Meteorites
What are fossils made of? Where do meteorites come from? Get hands-on with a collection of minerals, fossils and a meteorite that’s older than planet Earth to see just how much geology rocks!

Super Strike
Practice your super powers by knocking down some evil villains! Line up your shot, unleash your throwing arm and see how many you knock down at once.

The Great Marketplace Heist 
There’s been a burglary in the Marketplace! Help the police find all the bags of fruit and vegies that have been hidden around the Discovery Space, and get them back on the shelves of the Marketplace where they belong.


Tuesday – Sunday from 9am – 4pm


$15 children & adults over 12mths | $13 concession (Centrelink, Pension/Health Care & Seniors card holders).

Check the website for the Membership costs. If you decide to join as a member on the day, your Casual Entry cost will be deducted from the cost!


We are located on the grounds of the University of Wollongong
Check the website here for details and parking information.

Building 21, Northfields Ave, Wollongong NSW 2522