Events by Form

Party, chill, or get weird – unleash YOUR Form

Events by Form is a social solution to your ever-growing need to do something new and fun, find new interests and passions as well as creating beautiful new connections.

Events by Form is a combination of a music festival and party atmosphere, with a huge variety of interactive games and experiences which give guests and attendees an opportunity to do whatever they want, and more. It is designed for those who want to be open minded, engage and enjoy in the spectacle of things to try.

Events by Form plays host to multiple chill out zones and spaces that have been engineered and designed to allow our guests to sit back and relax with close friends OR have an amazing conversation with a total stranger and give you an opportunity to meet new friends and create new experiences for yourself whatever that may be.

The event is a perfect for those people who want to try something new, go with the flow kind of attitude and like to create random fun. For those open minded people, you want to give this a try. Trust your gut feeling.

Form will leave you saying “This was an experience I didn’t know I needed”