Falling in Love with Frida at Wollongong Workshop Theatre

A love affair with Frida Kahlo

Only two performances – the 14 and 15th March 2016 at 7.30pm.

Artistic director, choreographer and performer, Caroline Bowditch, returns to Australia to present her intimate and enticing show, Falling in Love with Frida, exploring the life, loves and legacy of painter Frida Kahlo (1907-1954). Winner of the 2014 Herald Angel Award, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and selected for the British Council 2015 Edinburgh Showcase, Falling in Love with Frida celebrates Frida Kahlo as a disabled artist. Through her love-like obsession with Frida, Caroline shares affinities and parallels to her own life.

This exquisitely-performed, all-woman show exposes many little-known facts about Frida, as an artist and cultural icon. Personal, political and poetic, the performance recognises that each life leaves its own mark. Through dance and movement, powerful yet fragile bodies skillfully craft an inquiry into how we shape what we are remembered for.  ‘The journey of making this piece, that I am really proud of, has been full of adventure, joy, laughter and tears. I invite you to join me around the yellow table in celebration of one of the finest women that has ever lived.Caroline Bowditch

Australian-born, Caroline, has spent the last thirteen years in the UK developing her arts practice. She describes herself as ‘a mosquito buzzing in the ears of the arts industry.’ A woman in charge and an agent for change, Caroline tenderly invites her audience, with thought provoking moments, to challenge ideas around disability, sexuality, and our humanity.

 ‘deliciously wry, humorously conversational and disarmingly frank.’  – The Herald, Scotland