Free support workshop for carers of kids with autism, ADHD, or other disabilities

Join guest speaker, Megan Borlase from Lojic Institute (Ph.D., & Board Certified Behaviour Analyst) who is presenting some of the latest evidence based behaviour interventions from behavioural science and positive behaviour support.

Understand how you can implement these to improve behaviour outcomes in your child – whilst encouraging their unique sense of self to shine and not be lost in a society that doesn’t understand the ‘difference’. Plus you’ll have the chance to meet other parents and carers who may well be facing similar challenges to you.

Two workshop sessions are running to accommodate those juggling childcare and working commitments, a 10am session and a 7pm session – plus you can book in a 15 minute one-on-one with Megan and seek guidance on any behavioural issues you may be finding challenging.

This is a free community workshop hosted by Megan Borlase from Lojic Institute in Wollongong. Lojic Institute provide evidence-based therapy, behaviour support, education, training, and consulting services grounded in respectful relationships.

Due to the venue restrictions, we recommend parents and carers do not bring their children or dependants with them – thank you for your understanding.

Bookings essential.