Greg Poppleton Makes 1920s-30s Pop

Greg Poppleton returns to Wollongong on Sunday, 4 February 2018 at the Builders Club.

He’s the ONLY singer In Australia, singing in the authentic 1920s-30s style, totally uninfluenced by contemporary music. Smile, tap your feet and dance around!

Every second of Greg’s latest album, ‘Back In Your Own Backyard’ (Bandcamp/CDBaby/iTunes) is as authentic as can be, making listening to Greg Poppleton and the band not only a joy, but a clear window into the essence of the music of the early jazz era.” BUDD KOPMAN, All About Jazz (U.S.A).

With Grahame Conlon guitar and banjo, and Dave Clayton, double bass.

No Cover Charge. Big free car park. Bistro. Cafe. Bar. Sorry, 18+ only.