Heritage Raider | The Bradman Centre

The Bradman Centre’s school holiday heritage experience connects generations, across all eras through an up close and personal interactive experience with precious artefacts and images from the Museum’s rich archives. See firsthand the behind the scenes process of capturing the games heritage.

The Bradman Centre will be holding some exciting events for the kids in the school holidays. We’re opening the vault and you can be one of the very first Raiders inside!

Hear the stories behind the game and listen with your eyes as the Heritage Keeper unfolds the past. Become a Heritage Raider and you too can hold the precious arefacts of history.

Rina Hore said, “In an ever-changing national and global society, cricket has remained a constant in the Aussie way of life. At the Bradman Centre we use cricket to teach Australia’s social history and we are passionate about passing this knowledge to future generations. Our engaging talks and demonstrations focus on bringing the artifacts to life during school holiday performances.”