How to Heal Your Body

Have an old injury that gets more painful when you’re stressed?
Noticed how worry knots your tummy and affects your digestion?

Join us and learn about why we get sick and how we can get well. We’ll focus on the impact our emotions have on our body and how we can heal ourselves with a few simple practices.

What you get when you attend:

  • Handout with practices to try at home
  • Special offer for new clients (worth $100)

What we will cover with you:

  • How do emotions affect the body?
  • How can we reverse ailments using this understanding?
  • What practices can we do ourselves to be healthier?

“Thank you Caroline for sharing your knowledge so generously. It was very interesting thanks. Time flew by.” – Past Attendee

Got pain or an issue that your GP, chiro or physio haven’t been able to help with?

Say hello to Caroline. She is a Practitioner in one of the most clinically-effective energy healing modalities available today.

“I had a session with Caroline recently for my very sore back and after I was PAIN FREE for the first time in ages. The treatment was very gentle and relaxing” – Kate (July 2018)

At Liberated Health we support you to Feel Bettter Faster. We serve the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven and South Coast.

Find out more:

This is a great workshop to attend if you’re interested in:

  • The mind-body connection
  • Holistic health and holistic healing
  • Energy medicine and energy healing
  • Connection between mind and body
  • Alternative medicine and alternative health
  • Pain management, pain relief and pain alleviation