Kids Disco | Wollongong Hellenic Club

Each month we hold a disco at Wollongong Hellenic Club. It is on the first Friday of each month from 7pm to 8.30pm.

The disco features a Zorba dance and plate smash where the kids get to smash a plate (plaster plate – it’s safe!) at the end of the disco.

The Disco costs $10 and includes a free glo item and plaster plate to smash.

The disco is supervised with organised games and dancing and we only play age-appropriate music. We have a high quality professional sound system (but not too loud), lots of lights and lots of fun. We also play some video clips (age appropriate), play fun games with prizes and take requests from the children.

The disco is most suitable for children aged 5 -15 years old.

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*Please contact Wollongong Hellenic Club directly to confirm disco dates prior to attendance. Call 02 4227 1130