Little Leonardo’s Art Studio School Holiday Program

Little Leonardo’s Art Studio offers a fun and creative environment for anyone who is wanting to explore their artistic side!

The Art Studio is open to young and mature students starting from as young as three years of age.

Their professional artists offer exceptional Visual Arts tuition in a fun and nurturing environment.

Start planning for the school holidays today.

Monday, 25th September
3-6years – How to Train your Dragon themed Soft Pastel Drawing
7-13years – Lion portrait Charcoal & Soft Pastel Drawing.

Tuesday,  26th September
3-6years – Sun and Moon wall hanging in Clay
7-13years – Mermaids in Watercolour, Ink and Drawing Fluid

Wednesday, 27th September
3-6years – Home made Monsters in Oil Pastels!
7-13years – Create and Bejewel an Art Diary

Thursday, 28th September 
3-6years – Coy fish pond, Japanese inspired watercolour and ink on paper.
7-13years – Abstract painting using Shells and Metallic Paints

Friday, 29th September 
3-6yeaars – Thick Bright Spring flowers using impasto medium
7-13 years – Snow Owl under the Moon Drawing in Soft Pastels

Monday, 2nd October
3-6years – Splatter Sky and Forest Silhouette Painting
7-13years – Realistic Eye Graphite Drawing with Pop Art Colour

Tuesday, 3rd October
3-6years – Sunset sponge painting over valley and trees
7-13years – Fashion Design in Mixed Media

Wednesday, 4th October 
3-6years – JAWS inspired watercolour painting using wax resist.
7-13years – Henna Inspired Dragonfly Ink Drawing

Thursday, 5th October
3-6years – Wombat Painting on Paper Bark
7-13years – Mystical Forest Painting with Hidden jewels

Friday, 6th October 
3-6years – Cute insect cards using ink and coloured ink washes
7-13years – Intricate Design and Painted on a Glass Trinket Container


Workshops for 3-6 year olds (10.00am – 11.00am)
$20.00 per workshop (one parent must stay)

Workshops for 7-13 year olds (11.30am – 12.45pm)
$25.00 per workshop


Book and Pay Online at

Call: 02 4295 1042 or 0414 829 548