Montaigne w/special guests | UniBar

To celebrate the release of Montaigne’s new single ‘Ready’ and the announcement of her forthcoming album Complex, Montaigne will be playing shows around the country in November.

Montaigne will perform live at UOW UniBar on Saturday, 30 November 2019.

New single Ready is a heartfelt call to arms, a soundtrack for activism. There’s an undeniable element of pop to this song as Montaigne’s soaring vocals elevate the chorus, and the irresistible hook ‘I think I’m ready to go, I think I’m ready’, cycles like a mantra around shifting drumbeats.

Complex is certainly an accurate name for the articulate popstress’ second album.  Themes will range from loneliness, isolation, distorted love narratives, confused sense of self, the desire to escape, self-image issues and self-realisation.

Speaking on the inspiration and work behind the album, she says, “The right songs all came together over a  couple of years and each song pertains to a different period of my life. It’s basically a series of portraits of all of my insecurities, or the weird relationships I’ve been in, or neurotic feelings I’ve felt while being attracted to others. The album’s like this veil behind which I stashed all these secrets I was keeping from myself.”

Montaigne has partnered with Plus 1 so that $1 from every ticket goes to support Bush Heritage Australia. Presented by triple j.

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