My Life: Your’re Soaking in it + A View from the Balcony

A double bill show of pure comedy delight.

You are welcome to enjoy “My Life: You’re Soaking In It”, starring Robina Beard, yes, she played Madge the Manicurist in the iconic television commercial for Palmolive… for more than 20 years!

This show is a personal account of the Australian entertainment industry, seen through the eyes of an actress, a dancer, a TV weather girl, an advertising icon; in a word, a performer in music theatre, acting, and comedy.

She will be joined by Katrina Maskell featuring “A View From The Balcony” by Geoffrey Sykes. This sharp, fast and hysterical urban satire, is a comic narrative with songs that relate expressways, apartment blocks, neighbours, home decoration and stereotypes. It’s all there to enjoy!