National Op Shop Week | Salvation Army

To celebrate National Op Shop Week 2017 Salvos Stores is giving consumers an insight into the lifecycle of donated products to help spread awareness of the importance of reusing, reinventing and upcycling.

National Op Shop Week will be held from Sunday 27th August – Saturday 2nd September 2017.

During National Op Shop Week in-store activities at Salvos Stores will include:

  • A 50% discount on everything (excluding new items) on Monday, 28th August across all Salvos Stores in Qld, NSW and ACT
  • A free upcycling and styling workshop by Salvos Stores Ambassador Faye De Lanty will take place at 10am on Monday, 28th August at the Salvos Store on Kenny Street, Wollongong
  • Marvellous window displays using upcycling and styling skills
  • An online competition on Facebook where the public can enter to become the best “Style Revivalist” in their state with prizes for each state winner, and a $500 voucher for the overall winner.

    Salvos Stores has been helping struggling families and individuals for over 130 years, raising millions of dollars to support The Salvation Army.

    Pre-loved and recycled furniture, clothing and goods are donated to the stores and then sorted and checked before being distributed free of charge to those in need through The Salvation Army’s network of Community Service Centres, with the remainder being offered for sale through Salvos Stores, with all profits going towards vital Salvation Army programs to assist people in need.