Never Did Me Any Harm

Produced by Force Majeure and Sydney Theatre Company

Candid, controversial and very clever theatre
– Concrete Playground

Kate Champion is a rare talent, and whatever she does must be immediately labelled ‘don’t miss.’”
– The Bulletin

Australia’s leading dance theatre company, Force Majeure, takes inspiration from issues raised in Christos Tsiolkas’ controversial book The Slap in a provocative new work exploring contemporary attitudes to raising children.

Never Did Me Any Harm uses Force Majeure’s trademark synthesis of fluid movement, images and real-life interviews to deliver an emotional, humorous and insightful work.

We live in a society where people have fewer children and less time, but more money and many more opinions on how to produce the perfect child. Parents are facing unprecedented challenges; never before have they been put under – or put themselves under – so much pressure when it comes to raising their children.

Bombarded with a plethora of advice, guidelines and research, and coupled with a large dose of peer-pressure, today’s parents find themselves part of a new child-rearing phenomenon.

Never Did Me Any Harm explores this phenomenon, looking at contemporary attitudes to how children are raised in today’s society and the myriad of topical, and often contentious, issues that are involved. The work has risen out of verbatim interviews, physicalised poetic text and gestural choreography, and was welded into theatrical shape with the assistance of dramaturg Andrew Upton.

Never Did Me Any Harm, which had great successes at the Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne Festivals, is an exciting addition to Merrigong Theatre Company’s 2016 program,” says Leland Kean, Artistic Development Manager of Merrigong Theatre Company.

With a cast of extraordinary actors and some of the cream of Australia’s dancers, Never Did Me Any Harm cannot fail to resonate with all who were once children.”