Nicola Són, the most Brazilian of the French

A native Parisian of Armenian descent, singer, songwriter and guitar-player Nicola Són has been a permanent resident of São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, for the past four years.

His music has explored different areas of Brazil and their specific rhythms, with his latest release 4², a new EP featuring songs all co-written in Portuguese with his long-time Brazilian friend, collaborative lyricist and journalist, Igor Ribeiro. 

Following a 4X4 concept, the tracks were recorded in four different Brazilian cities, with local producers, Márcio Arantes in São Paulo, Daniel Montes in Rio de Janeiro, Hugo Linns in Recife and João Antunes in Belo Horizonte. To celebrate the new release, Nicola Són is hitting the road to tour his work. Making his way to The Music Lounge, Són will showcase the music developed with passion and love for Brazil. 

Recommended for ages 14+.


“The guest producers on this project each come from different places in Brazil. This multi-faceted country, unlike elevators, has more than just 4 corners. Whether it is the sceneries or the voices, there is incalculable wealth contained in the vibrant cultural wildlife of this country. Whether it is the sceneries or the voices, Nicola Són knows Brazil’s corners better than you and me, this you can be sure of. The Són must go on…”Igor Ribeiro