Pauly Fenech – Smash it with a Thong Single Tour

Pauly has basically lived on the road for the past 24 months, coming face to face with real life Aussies and this inspired him to write a new Aussie anthem.

He is best known for writing, directing, producing and starring in the television series Pizza, Swift and Shift Couriers, Housos and Bogan Hunters and the motion pictures Fat Pizza (2003), Housos vs. Authority (2012),Fat Pizza vs. Housos (2014) and Dumb Criminals: The Movie (2015).

As TV classics go, Fat Pizza and Houso’s truly connected with audiences across the county and Fenech’s alter egos Pauly and Franky Falzoni explored Aussie culture in this very poignant new musical release.

 “It’s now hip to be bogan – it’s the new black, mate. Every Aussie has a pair of thongs. They are our version of the Manolo Blahnik. Pure style all the way.” Fenech says.