Plot Writing Workshop with Alyssa Montgomery

No matter which genre you’re writing or what level of experience you have, Alyssa J. Montgomery will lead you through some simple and reliable tools to build a sketch of your novel, flesh out the details and keep track of plot threads in a chapter by chapter chart format that’s easy to follow. Based on her personal experience and a technique she learnt at a Master Class for plotting in the USA, this workshop aims to help prevent you from stalling mid-way through a story.

As part of the workshop, Alyssa will also touch on the importance of characterisation and the great drivers of a novel – goal, motivation and conflict. Those attending should bring their current plot outline (if they have one), a writing pad and pen, and at least five different coloured highlighting pens or textas.

Alyssa Montgomery enjoys writing pacy, passionate contemporary romance novels and her favourites involve some plot twists. She also writes medieval romance under the pen name Alyssa James.
Alyssa works as a Speech-Language Pathologist and has previously been a professional pianist and an International Flight Attendant. More from Alyssa can be found on her website:

This workshop is brought to you by the South Coast Writers Centre in partnership with Wollongong City Libraries.