Rachael Young Art Exhibition

Local artist Rachael Young will showcase her artwork in the Rachael Young Art Exhibition from 30 June – 1 July 2018.

Entry is free.

About Rachael Young

I am a 26 year old young adult with Downs Syndrome. I attended neighbourhood schools in primary and then St Mary’s Star of the Sea College for high school. I currently work as a supported employee at The Lagoon Seafood restaurant and also at Greenacres Industries. Over the years I have managed, with the help of my family, to try a lot of things and have as many amazing life opportunities as I can. Along my journey I discovered that I had a real passion and talent for art.

I love my art and I guess it really started when I was little because I loved colouring in and was very particular about it. I took my pencils and my books everywhere I went, even on holidays. I explored art more when at high school but really didn’t get that creative flow happening until feeling very lost after leaving school. There were so many challenges and changes in my life as a young adult and I found it hard to adjust to life after school.

I started an art class at the WEA with the help of my support worker and now attend a mainstream art class which I really enjoy. I am flourishing as an artist and having so much fun with my work. Art has no right or wrong which makes it a perfect outlet for me. There are a lot of things in this world that are hard or complex for me but when I draw I feel like I won’t fail. My teacher says that there is no wrong way, “Rachael, just do it the way you want because that is right”.

I use pastels a lot in my work because I can add as many colours as I like and blend the colours together. Pastels are like chalk, they mix very well. Colour is really special to me and can brighten up everyone’s day. When I’m not happy with something I can just go over it. Art makes me feel really free and special.

My love of art has opened up many opportunities for me including establishing a range of products featuring my bright designs. With the support and guidance of my family and support worker my art can be found on greeting cards, drinking mugs, calendars and tote bags with future plans for aprons and other creations.

In 2017 I was lucky to be involved with the Blue Rose Installation, a Beyond Empathy/Merrigong Theatre Company collaboration that showcases artistic mediums for people with disabilities and all abilities. As part of this project I featured in a short film for World Downs Syndrome Day that has now had over twelve thousand views. https://vimeo.com/255870905

Recently Blue Rose was nominated to be included in the Prix Ars Electronica in Germany. The Prix Ars Electronica is one of the world’s premier awards honouring creativity and innovation in the use of digital media.

I am really excited to be part of the Blue Rose Installation again this year with a set of events throughout the second week of September 2018 including a performance showcase, film screening, art exhibitions, workshops and forums. All these events will celebrate and feature the talents of people of all abilities in the Illawarra community.

My involvement in the community also includes donating two of my paintings to charity fundraising events. I was overjoyed to know that both paintings sold for over $1000, helping to raise much appreciated funds for both The Disability Trust/TIGS Ball and The Flagstaff 50th Anniversary Ball.

The motto we followed during my time at St Mary Star of the Sea College was “I am born for higher things”. I try to live by this motto every day and make a difference. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you on opening night.

Art Exhibition

Saturday, 30 June
10am – 4.00pm

Sunday, 1 July
10am – 4pm

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