Sensory Coffee Masterclass

Wollongong coffee lovers can experience the unique taste journey that Q graders undergo in an exclusive “Sensory Masterclass” at Milk & Co Coffee.

Hosted by the Cultivar by Seven Miles’ expert coffee roasters, guests will discover the art of coffee as they work their way around four stations: aroma, taste, texture and cupping.

Guests can look forward to being among the first to try Colombia XO beans, aged in a Cognac barrel with a dry sherry aftertaste, alongside the single origins from Costa Rica, Ethiopia and the rich volcanic soils of Rwanda that make up the award-winning Cultivar blend.

From discovering the unique ‘tongue map’, to understanding the role aroma plays in flavour and delicious combinations with dairy and nuts, this masterclass is one to excite the senses.

Distinctive aromas of cocoa, dried fruits with hints of spice and floral touches, and a popular ‘cherry-ripe’ like after-taste are all part of the experience of the newly launched Cultivar blend.

Finally, guests will be able to partake in coffee cupping to put their newly acquired skills to the test. As well as the entire sensory experience, guests will have the opportunity to mingle and enjoy delicious food pairings and alcoholic beverages.

Baristas and coffee enthusiasts, come and tap into your sensory side at this free event. It’ll be a lot of fun and you might learn a few things about your senses that you didn’t know before.