SHEkespere’s “As You Like It”

SHEkespeare is thrilled to present it’s ALL FEMALE production of “As You Like It”.

Shekespeare will be producing and performing one of the Bards most famous comedies “As You Like It”. This project will be run by a collective committee of female artists and will be subject to The Dire Theatre’s trademark “Goose and Gander” equal cut profit share arrangement.

Here is an excerpt pertaining to the shows artistic vision as imagined by the production’s director:

“As You Like It” is primarily a conversation of freedom of the wild. The ancient and common Shakespearean symbolic energy of the wood is expressed but this time not as a malicious force, but simply a place where the old shackles may be thrown off.

It is also a comedy. This is to be played for laughs alongside its art. We will have succeeded if we break through any language barrier and entertain the audience while engaging them on these deeper issues.

I want to play with the layers of cross-dressing involved, and the freedom of the exiled duke in costume. I’d like to replicate the style of Romeo and Juilet with simplistic black and white costumes with modern touches but nothing intrusive. Both for admiration of the aesthetic but also it will be what return audiences will expect.

The concept of fools in the pseudo-modern setting also interests me and how they will be interpreted in this new context.”

As part of the Illawarra’s only semi-professional company, The Dire Theatre Company, SHEkespeare’s “As You Like It” is a guaranteed enjoyable night out with one of the Bards most famous comedies.