Skills for Living

Learn Life-Changing Energy Medicine Skills.

For the first-time ever in the Illawarra and limited to just 14 participants.

In one weekend you will learn how to heal:

Treat Sprains and Bruises

Reduce swelling, bruising and pain from sprains and bruises

Pain Relief

Provide pain-relief for period pain, headaches and more

Heal Burns

Faster healing of burns, with less scarring

Boost Energy System

Heal low immune system and low energy with energetic balance


First-time available in Illawarra.

Learning this unique healing modality normally only available in Sydney, Europe, or the USA.

Limited to 14 participants.

To ensure an intimate workshop with lots of hands-on training opportunities. (2 spots have already been taken)

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24th February, 9am-6pm each day.

More info:

Payment Plans and Early Bird Offer available (until 30 November 2018).