A Taste of Ireland – The Christmas Spectacular

After performing to thousands of audiences Australia wide, A Taste of Ireland returns this December with the premiere of an exciting show A Taste of Ireland – The Christmas Spectacular!

“Christmas in Ireland, after the church bells ring, The tunes come out, as the town starts to sing”.
T’was The Night Before Christmas – An Irish Story from St. Nicholas

A Taste of Ireland – The Christmas Spectacular is Ireland’s most vivid portrayal from the Celtic heart. Told under the mistletoe through music and dance, The Christmas Spectacular reveals the magical tale of two star crossed lovers born of an Irish soul. As one leaves the homeland in search of their freedom, their heart stays in the Emerald Isle waiting for their return home.

Narrated by David O’Sullivan, written by Jack Kearney, & produced by Brent Pace, A Taste of Ireland – The Christmas Spectacular transports the audience to a time and place where tunes, taps and tradition are all the very essence of celebrating the Irish Christmas spirit.

Featuring an unparalleled cast of World, Ireland & National Champion Irish dancers, alongside some of the most sought after traditional musicians from around the globe, A Taste of Ireland has a blend of what is perhaps one of the only un spoilt depictions of the emerald nation to perform live in Australia.

Irish accordion, alongside raw and rhythmic guitar and banjo, complimented with the unsurpassed voice of Clancy Simpson, the audience is journeyed with some of Ireland’s most exciting Christmas carols.

Choreographed and led by ex- Gaelforce Dance & Rhythms of Ireland Lead Principal, World Medalist and 6 Time Champion Brent Pace, A Taste of Ireland is built on a cast of the newest and best Irish dance Champions from around the globe.

A Taste of Ireland – The Christmas Spectacular features carols and tunes from across the Irish counties and provinces. The show twists and turns fusing contemporary & heartfelt airs to tell the tale of a romantic noel quest.

Dazzling feet meet moments of Irish wit, as the audience embarks on a journey through the different elements of Irish tradition, as the music and song ballads twist and turn through brilliant choreography, it tells a Christmas story from one of the World’s most endeared nations.

A Taste of Ireland – The Christmas Spectacular  is the quintessential Irish tale, a show never to be missed!

“The is the Irish heart…the irish soul! Brent is Australia’s best” – Dancing Down Under, ABC3

Warning: show contains fog/smoke effects.

Suitable for all ages.