Teen Yoga

Give yourself some time and space for calm, grounding and balance.

Improve your focus and concentration, learn some healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety.

You will find you have better sleep and can better regulate your moods and deal with difficult emotions.

Help your growing body adjust with varying rates of bone and muscle growth… increase your flexibility and coordination, improve your posture, strength and increase fitness…need I go on?!! (I actually could!!!).

This class is accessible for beginners through to advanced – the focus is on YOU taking the practice where you want or need. Learn to take control of what you need, what’s in YOUR best interests and what’s not.

Come with your friends or make new friends. Find out what the yoga hype really is all about (HINT! It’s NOT about how cool you look in fancy tights and doing fancy headstands… although sometimes that does happen ;))

See you on the mat!