The Gallery @ Big Fat Smile Latest exhibition ‘Pilgrim’ – It’s about the journey

The Gallery @ Big Fat Smile presents works by Gaillyn Cooper – an exploration into what defines a pilgrimage.

Artist and serial traveler, Gaillyn Cooper’s exhibition of works span years of adventure from Mt Sinai to New Dehli, Northern Spain to Morocco. This inspiring and evocative collection of works were created in a hospital room in India, descending and ascending mountains and while exploring and building in the African desert.

These journeys, made for different reasons & often repeated over years, herald Cooper’s firm belief that it is not about the destination so much as the journey.

Cooper’s beautiful wandering renderings – paintings and drawings – capture a number of Mt Sinai climbs (one with her own wedding party), a fretful wait in hospital room 4837 (where her late husband passed away), ten years and twenty visits to Morocco (where she restored her own Kasbah) and one month walking 750 kms of the Camino, Spain.

Pilgrim runs from June 15 – June 25th with an opening night exhibition launch on Thursday 16th June from 5.30 – 7pm.

Gallery hours are Tuesday to Friday, 11- 4pm and Saturday 12 – 4pm.

Admission is free.