The Living Library Wollongong 2019

The Living Library Wollongong is a unique public event involving insightful and highly personal storytelling around lived experiences with mental health and recovery.

Set to lift mental health awareness to new levels in the Wollongong area, The Living Library concept is like a standard library except the books are real people from diverse backgrounds sharing their stories in conversation with the community.

Launching Mental Health Month in the Wollongong area, this event is a collaboration between leading community mental health not-for-profit Flourish Australia and Mental Health Students from Wollongong TAFE campus.

Real People, Real Stories, Share the Journey

How it Works

Members of the public are invited to book a time (each session is 30 minutes) with a Living Library book (‘storyteller’) who will share their lived experiences in an engaging and interactive manner.
You are encouraged to ask questions and interact with the storyteller, however, the storyteller decides how much information they are comfortable to disclose.
A catalogue of storytellers and a brief description of their lived experiences will allow you to select ‘books’ that interest you.
You are welcome to book in with as many storytellers as you would like.

Book Catalogue

Finding My Voice Within
Battling through a mind field of cultural differences and difficulties. Overcoming a gaming addiction to finding my self-recovery with the help of music and poetry.

No Man’s Land
Early emotional and mental abuse, drugs and alcohol, depression, attempts to take my own life……you won’t believe who he is today.

Long Winding Road
Peter’s story sheds light on difficult learning experiences in childhood and the introduction to alcohol, leading him to the understanding that alcohol could be used to change the way he feels.

Why do they call me Oliver?
From an orphanage in England to the far-flung places with missionary parents: “Experiencing a smackdown in the prime of my life.”

Little Ally
Follow the journey of a young girl who was challenged by childhood trauma, homelessness and self-medicating to a woman who found a pathway to recovery and living her dream of being who she wants to be.

The story of a man’s recovery from early years, throughout life and
development until the void clears…..

The Storm is Lifting
Early trauma’s and adversities shape a young woman’s life. From times of storms and darkening clouds through to days of clearing clouds and the appearances of rainbows.

This is my Truth – Overcoming Stigma
After losing custody of her children due to circumstances out of her control, Tegan was able to find a road to new beginnings and recovery.

It makes me who I am
I am who I am because of a life full of discovery and growth. Commencing with childhood, family, diagnosis, relationships, music and education I found myself with stability, ongoing recovery and helping others through Peer Work.

Keep Going
A childhood spent at different times in Chile with the discovery of Autism. An adult life of immigrant and living with mental health concerns and adversities. To now taking ongoing positive recovery steps in a new country, I now call home.

Meeting Nature Again
Nature always plays a role in my life, even through the most difficult times. From a life of fear and misunderstanding of the experiences of illness to a life reconnected with nature still a continuing theme. Recovery is possible at any stage.

I have known trauma, anxiety, depression but also Post Traumatic Growth… “Thank you, from the fondest of my unbreakable heart.” Now is the time to fly…

Daughter of the Angels
A story of finding one’s place in this world, with new beginnings and purpose. A story of overcoming the odds and reconnecting with self, others and the community. A recovery built around Hearing Voices network, recovery camps and Flourish Australia Wollongong – The New Outlook.

How to Book

Book in to listen to one ‘book’ or as many as you like. Each book session is 30 minutes in duration.

  • Visit Flourish Reception Desk at 3 Station St, Wollongong
  • Email:
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  • Phone: 0428 255 751

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