The Orchid and the Crow

A comedy about an atheist surviving cancer by finding God in Lance Armstrong – with songs!

Daniel Tobias grew up in a Jewish-atheist household. At the age of 29, he found out he had stage-four testicular cancer, and went searching for God. Any God. Enter Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France champion and legendary cancer survivor.

Combining storytelling, theatre, music and comedy to reflect on Daniel’s real life (and almost death) experiences, The Orchid and the Crow explores faith, sex, masculinity, family and identity in a wonderfully witty, generous, and life-affirming way.

Award-winning creator and performer Daniel Tobias has condensed his life into a smart and scintillating show. Featuring original songs from the award-winning writers of Die Roten Punkte and Keating! The Musical, this is an original, accessible and brilliantly clever story that will strike a powerful chord.


★★★★ “This show will renew your faith in love, life, and possibly even Lance Armstrong.” CBC Canada

★★★★ “Turns divine vengeance into comedy gold.” Sydney Morning Herald

★★★★ “Honest, funny, inquisitive, moving theatre-making that strikes many powerful chords.” NOW magazine, Toronto.

★★★★ “An absolute must-see comedy simply by virtue of tackling religion and cancer without relying on cheap jokes or tastelessness… a fantastic, dramatic, hilarious show.” The Music


WINNER – Greenroom Award for Best Writing – Cabaret, Melbourne, 2015
WINNER – Weekly Theatre Award – Adelaide Fringe 2016
WINNER – Outstanding Solo Performance, Ottawa Fringe, 2015
WINNER – Outstanding Individual Performance, London Free Press, Canada, 2015