The Sweetness of a Sting

The Sweetness of a Sting performance forms part of the National Theatre of London’s ‘Connections’ Youth Theatre Festival.

When his parents decide they want to return to their home country, Badger is confronted with the possibility of leaving everything he knows in the UK and becoming a visitor in a strange and unknown world. Attempting to run away and escape his parent’s plans, Badger finds himself in a world full of insects, stories and Thunder – a land beneath our feet that he cannot escape from.

Inspired by the fables of West African storytelling this fantastical story looks at what it means to be young, disconnected from nature, and from your identity.

Viewer warning: show contains fog/smoke effects.

Suitable for all ages.

Performance Time

Tuesday 27 March 2018 at 7.30pm


Adult: $35
Children U13: $20
Student: $25
Con Pen: $25
Con Sen: $25

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