Tonight with Kiki

There are many reasons to catch Kiki live on stage, but top of the list is the chance to truly laugh your arse off. If you have never seen Kiki in action than shame on you, get yourself a ticket now. If you have seen her, you know you need to get some more of that good stuff.

“Tonight with Kiki,” which by the way is not on tonight (unless it is the 7th of September today), is a magical piece of theatrical comedy that will put a spring in your step, leave you loved up and have you asking some questions about life, love and yourself – but did I mention it is so funny you might need to bring your depends, including the men. Speaking of men, Kiki has asked her dear friend, ABC announcer Nick Rheinberger to be her one man band and comedy side kick for the show, that combination is worth a night out.

Who is Kiki

Kiki Bittovabitsch is the creation of physical comedian Tamara Campbell who lives in Kiama, when she is not travelling the country or the world heaping helpings of laughter and shared joy all over people. Tamara has been in the business of show her whole working career and says “the sound of humans laughing together is her favourite noise in all the world.” When asked to give the details of her career she handed me a pre-written statement, saying “I am so bad at “bigging” myself up, that we came up with this little gem to explain my credentials.

I have been making people laugh for 22 years. In over 4200 performances on 780 stages in 450 cities across 27 countries I have entertained people in 6 different languages. And spent more than 2100 hours on the stage. I have spoken to, entertained and created laughter with over 1.2 million humans (and a few dogs), with an age range of less than 1 to over 100 (that is human years not dog years). In that time I have also missed 11 flights, stayed in 25 highly questionable hotels and some really nice ones and I have watched 10 seasons of Friends 4 times over trying to avoid lonely nights in Foreign Lands. – Kiki

Get your tickets to this fabulous night out and don’t forget to bring some friends, this is an experience you are going to want to share so that you can talk about for years to come.


The funniest show I have ever seen. – You View, Australia Adelaide Fringe

Brilliantly clever. – Festivals Australia

Not to be missed… with hilarious physicality and a huge portion of humour. – Hanoversche Allgemeine Newspaper