Uncultured TARANTINO

We had your curiosity, but now we have your attention! When you absolutely positively have to kill every **** in the room, with some top-notch entertainment, accept no substitute.

Wollongong’s matriarch of menopausal mayhem is bringing a Tarantino-inspired show to The Basement Bar for one night only, and you need to get up in this business like it’s a Royale with Cheese. The eternally fabulous Sofonda Blackmen is double-daring you to say ‘what’ one more god-damn time, as we at Uncultured CHAOS melt your minds with Uncultured TARANTINO.

Come and see performances by:

Pickled Tink, Miss Burlesque Sydney, and 2015 Showgirl of the Year,
Marlena Dali, from the famous Venice Beach Freak Show
Isla View, Wollongong’s Queen of Burlesque
Willow Wylde, the hula-hooping hottie
Porcelain Alice, the sideshow seductress
All the way from Melbourne town the incredible Lissy Lavette.
And our Hostess Sofonda Blackmen as Jackie Brown.

and making her Uncultured debut, Sophia Felidae.

There will also be Boylesque by

Michael Wheatley and
Billy Bullseye Texass

Other acts featured by local students from the Lost Arts Dance Society – TAPIOKE,
And students from The Risqué Bizniz School of Burlesque.

Jessy Lee, our gorgeous Koori Princess,
And as always Black Jesus himself,
Big Mr Wendell.
Word is out that there will also be some burlesque cherries popped on the night, and that is something you do NOT want to miss! Someone COULD bring out a gimp!

Hosted, of course, by a most-likely-drunk Sofonda Blackmen! Alright, ramblers, let’s get ramblin’!