Uni in the Brewery: Inspiring change in teaching and learning

How can educators connect to one another, and to their communities, to make teaching and learning experiences more authentic, relevant and meaningful?

At Uni in the Brewery, UOW researcher Dr Michelle Eady with PhD candidates Corinne Green and Michele Peden, will present three case studies of educators linking with their community to empower those they teach.

The first is a project called DARE (Dementia knowledge, Art and Research Education), which supported local school children to express their understanding of dementia by bringing together dementia, education and fine arts experts with community artists and teachers.

A case study of community strength from the high Arctic of Canada harnessing Indigenous primary school children’s understanding of self, and an innovative professional learning platform that supported early childhood educators despite wide geographical distance, will also be showcased.

This event is relevant to both educators and community members, in the hope that these projects will encourage you to consider your own strengths, and reflect on how you might work with others to benefit the teaching and learning experiences in your community.