The Wharf Revue 2018

Those indefatigable kings of comedy, sorcerers of satire and masters of mockery, Jonathan Biggins and Drew Forsythe are back in the saddle and gearing up for another glorious year of political satire – plenty of antics and plenty more laughs. So, politicians take cover and pundits stand back, because there will be songs, there will be dance, and there will be some very funny impressions.

Join us as we sort the wets from the dries, the leaks from the fakes, and the factions from the fictions, as The Wharf Revue again rolls in to town to hit us where it hurts most –
the funny bone!

Recommended for ages 15+. Contains adult themes and strong language.

As well as being awfully clever, it’s also totally idiotic and hilarious.” – Stage Noise